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Building Dreams: Progress Update on Green City Phase 2

Green city phase 1

It’s no news that Baay Projects is doing wonders in Epe. With Greencity 1 standing tall and delivering nature’s luxury, our clients couldn’t get enough, like Oliver, they wanted more! So we did it again! 

All the features of Greencity 1- The farmhouse delivering organic meals to residents, Tech City, Recreational center, Gym, etc! We simply duplicated them at Greencity 2!

We are thrilled to share the latest progress update on Greencity Phase2, our second residential development in Epe that brings you closer to nature.

update on greencity phase2

Fencing Complete, Gatehouse Under Construction

In 4 weeks we have successfully fenced the entire estate perimeter, and constructed the gatehouse, further enhancing the security and exclusivity of the estate so don’t worry, your investments are secured. Many might consider this a walk in the park since we’re also a construction company…. What can we say? It’s just one of our many superpowers. 

Gearing Up for the Official Launch and Allocation

Drumroll, please! We’ve got some big news – the official launch and allocation of Green City Phase 2 are right around the corner. While we’re keeping the exact dates under wraps for now, we’re aiming for June to be the month where dreams really do come true. If you are one of our savvy real estate buyers who likes to stay one step ahead of the game then you might be allocated on our launch day!

All you need to do is complete your payment or pay at least 50% of your payment 30 days before the big launch and stand a chance to get allocated.

And for those of you who’re still on the fence (pun totally intended), there’s no better time than now.  Don’t wait around for your dreams to come to you –  Click here to secure your slice of heaven in Green City Phase 2 today!

With progress like this, it’s clear that your dream homeland journey to wealth building is closer than ever. Stay tuned for more updates on the launch date and further update progress on Greencity phase2!


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